Universal-Masterbatch® – Our Original

We at Color Service are especially proud of our Universal-Masterbatch® - because it is truly one-of-a-kind. The special carrier substance was specifically developed and patented by Color Service. Due to its special manufacturing process, it is possible to create diverse special effects – from metallic to shimmer, all the way to glow effects. The inclusion of additives, the creation of combination batches and the use of the most varied types of polymers is possible.

The individually manufactured Universal-Masterbatch offers advantages over a polymer-specific masterbatch:

  • Smaller dosage due to the high amount of Pigments
  • Greater homogeneity due to a lower melting temperature
  • Reduced complexity and storage - one Masterbatch for diverse applications

You, too, can take advantage of our Universal-Masterbatch®! Our sales office staff can provide you with additional information about this product.

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