Color Service-About us

Color Service started in 1970 as one of the first pioneers in the business of concentrates for coloring thermoplastics that we know today as masterbatches.

The strong base of Color Service is built on one specific type of Universal-Masterbatch­®  that is patented by Color Service. This Universal-Masterbatch­® is made out of a carrier that can be used in a broad range of different polymers. You can think here of PS, ABS, ASA, PE, PP, PA, TPU, POM, TPE, PC… On that way we help thermoplastics companies to keep their stock level low, so they don’t need a masterbatch for every specific polymer.

Color Service is well known in the market because of its standard range of colors. These colors are always on stock and can be supplied within 24 hours in Germany. The 500 colors that are presented in the PE and UN box are all FDA approved.

Next to the standard range of masterbatches, Color Service is offering a tailor made solutions for specific request by the customer.

As the name Color Service says, we are supplying Colors with a high Service level, that guaranteed the biggest sales team on the market. But next to colors we can also supply a broad range of additives that are needed during the production and usage of the thermoplastic product. You can think of UV-stabilizer, anti static or lasermarking. A combi-batch is also one of the possibilities, color masterbatch with additives included.