Standard masterbatches with UN- or PE-carrier

Normally these masterbatches are available from stock above 1kg.

With our standard colors, which we will be happy to provide as a color sample,
we are able to cover a wide color range. The advantages are obvious:
We use colors which are physiologically harmless. Our colors do not contain any
cadmium-, plum- or diarylpigments. So there are no concerns against the appli-
cation of these products for the coloring of food packaging, food contact material
and consumer products. If you have any special applications we would like to
check these in dialogue with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact our technical sales department or our field staff
in order to ask for standard color samples.

If your desired color can not be found in the standard color palette we provide
you with your individual color by using the universal masterbatches or
PE masterbatches.